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Sammy Winchester

Character Sheet: Samcakes


Name: Sam Winchester, despite some people trying to make me seem like a fat twelve year old again.
Gender: MALE.
Age: 24
Birthday: May 2, 1983
Place of Residence: A cornucopia of syphilis-infested motel rooms and a really old clunky car.
Bloodline: Human/HA, apparently a bit of Demon. That's...pleasant.
Monetary Situation: I'm pretty sure Dean makes all the money. <s>I'm not saying if its through credit card fraud or not.</s>
Affiliations/Organizations: Eh. Never stayed at a school long enough to join one.


Height: 6' 4", aka freakishly ginormous person.
Weight: Um. I hunt, so...I'm not fat.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour & Style
: Brown and flippy at the ends.
Build: Tall. ..Very tall.
Skin Colour: I'm getting kinda tan. Don't listen to my brother.
Clothing Style: Whatever I can get my hands on, these days.
Distinguishing Marks: I have this really ugly scar on my spinal cord, from this bitch-ass guy who stabbed me.


Parents: John and Mary Winchester
Siblings: Dean "I R TEH BADASS" Winchester.
Children: Oh yeah, in the back of the Impala, dude.

Yeah, not for a while yet.
Brief Family History: Well, when I was a baby, the Demon, who has been trying to..kill me or train me or something ever since, killed my mom. After that, my dad went crazy vengeful and has been trying to track him down until last year when I don't really know the details, but I wish I had more time with him because we had a falling out when I graduated high school, and kinda left home.

My childhood was a bit less than stellar.


First Impression (others have of you): Probably "OH MY GOD, that guy is kinda tall, haha."
Life Philosophy:  "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that the stuff life is made of." -Benjamin Franklin
General Behavior: Mostly, I'm either killing some ghost thing, or in the library researching one, and on rare occasions, you can see me dragging my brother out of a bar as he yells something about socks, or chickens, or something equally ridiculous.
Quirks & Habits: I tend to scratch my head a lot, mostly because I have so much hair, and I slouch. Bad, bad.
Likes: Dogs, stable lifestyles, happiness, family
Dislikes: Opposites of above.
Favorite class: I always liked History.
Least favorite class: P.E


Close Friendships: Just Dean, and maybe a few years ago, some friends from Stanford
Known Enemies: Demons, etc.
Sexuality: ..Straight?
Turn Ons: Intelligence, sense of humor, nice hair, nice personality.
Turn Offs: Stupid people, unkept appearance.
Past Relationships: Jess, a few girls in high school briefly, before being dragged away.
Attitude Toward Sex: What kind of guy would I be to say no? (..Don't answer that, Dean.)
Attitude Toward Love: It's out there, in many different forms.

The Fun Stuff

Favorite drink order:
I'm a simple guy, give me a beer, I guess. Or something else.
How many drinks does it take you to get drunk?: I can't really hold my alcohol that well. 2 or 3 tops.
To pass out face-down in a puddle of lukewarm beer?: ...4-5.
Truth or Dare?: Truth.
Name the three characters you'd most like to bed: Um. They're kinda...all...dead.
Describe your first sexual encounter: Awkward, but the girl was nice about it.
Share a dirty secret with the group: God, I love being out of school.
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